Great News! Library Book Circulation to Start in Mid-October!

Ms. Jess has great news from the library. Beginning next week, students will have the opportunity to check out bags of 3-5 books from our Thousand Oaks Library. What follows is a description of the process. This is a long message with lots of details! Thank you for your patience as we create a brand-new process for getting exciting and fun books into your children’s hands. We know it’s been a long time!

All students are welcome to check out books, even if they have not yet returned their books from last spring. (Please see below for information on returns.) Each grade will have a specific time and date that they may come to TO for curbside pick up and return of their library books:

Grades K & 1: Friday, January 15 from 3:30-5:30PM

Grades 2 & 5: Friday, February 5 from 3:30-5:30PM

Grade 3 & 4: Thursday, February 11 from 3:30-5:30PM

The cycle will then repeat (specific dates TBA).

Selecting Books

Students in Grades K & 1 will receive a grab bag of books which may include fiction, non-fiction, picture books and readers. Ms. Jess is working with teachers to provide books at appropriate reading levels when possible.

Students in Grades 2-5 are invited to fill out a form requesting books on specific topics and specific titles. Forms are due at least 1 week before the pickup date. Here is the link to the form for each grade:

Grade 2: https://forms.gle/uckErU53KYUAJagU9

Grade 3: https://forms.gle/jExCPCfX3qVqeSty7

Grade 4: https://forms.gle/2zZsD8n64BMHNpsA9

Grade 5: https://forms.gle/WLy8CwYnES465to89

Ms. Jess will go over how to use the forms during each class’s Library time over the next few weeks. Students who do not fill out a form will still have a bag of library books prepared for them.

Pick Up Procedures

BUSD's District Library staff worked closely with the City of Berkeley to create a safe way to distribute library books. Many thanks for helping to follow these requirements.

1. Please only come during the date/time that’s assigned to your grade. If you cannot make that time, please email jessicareich@berkeley.net to arrange an alternative time.

2. As with previous materials distribution at TO, please drive to the front of the school on Colusa Avenue.

3. Please be prepared to hold up a sign with your student’s FIRST name, LAST name and TEACHER.

4. When you are first in line, please pop open your trunk so the staffer can place your book bag inside.

5. If you come to school on foot, please be sure to maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

6. If you would like to RETURN library books to the school, please be prepared to exit your car and place the books in the bin that will be provided. Distribution staffers may not hand books directly to you or accept books directly from you.

Each book bag will also include information about how to sign up for a Berkeley Public Library card and how to place book requests through that system.

It’s been so wonderful to share books with your students during our virtual library classes. I’m so pleased that we’re now able to resume this additional service to TO students.

As we get this new system off the ground, there may well be some bumps in the road. Thank you for your patience as we work out the details. If you have comments or suggestions, or would like book recommendations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Jess at jessicareich@berkeley.net.

Thank you!